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KabaPost - Transport de Colis entre particulier
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Entre Particuliers
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Document & Photo Unverified
Traveller can carry Parcel   Mean of Transport - Plane Type of Booking - Automatic
Je fais cotonou paris et j'ai 30kg de li...
  • From air france
  • To Cotonou
  • Weight Proposed 30KG
  • Price €6.00
  • Delivery Recipient Recipient
    Delivery Place:Public Place

How it Works


I register and certify my account


I search a traveler post


I reserve by paying the amount of the announcement by credit card


Traveler accept my booking, I receive contact details and delivery code to give to recipient


I meet the traveler for give him parcel according to the rules of Kabapost


The recipient retrieves the parcel and give delivery code again the traveler


I note and i leave a comment for the traveller on KabaPost platform


I register and certify my account


I post free traveler ad


I receive a booking by sender


I accept booking and receive the sender contact detail


I meet the sender and take the parcel according to kabapost rule


The recipient pick up the parcel and give me delivery code


Kabapost give me my money

Customers Are Saying

    Amplement satisfaite. Merci Anthony
    For Traveller anthony
    By Sender Kenda
    Très conviviale
    For Sender Kenda
    By Traveller anthony
    Superbe personne
    For Sender aslandry
    By Traveller anthony
    Je recommande ce voyageur , très bon suivi a la remise et réception du colis
    For Traveller mariemariee
    By Sender Anita

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