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Using the KabaPost platform services you agree to respect the rules of good lines described below:

Verification of identity documents:
Although the identities of each kabanautes are populated when creating the account, capital attention to security and so we recommend you to Exchange and verify all documents allowing the identification of each of the parties upon delivery of the package.

Transmission of a package between a carrier and a shipper:
Any appointment, contact must take place in a public place first selects all during reasonable hours. Your carrier will travel with confidence if it finds that the content of the parcel you entrust to him match the ad to which he responded. We remind that it is important that the parcel is closed together in front of the carrier and the shipper to ensure legality and non dangerousness of the objects that you wished to carry.
Finally, the coordinates of the addressee should be provided to the carrier during this interview. Feel free to test them together the recipient mobile number, for example!

Delivery of a parcel between a carrier and a recipient:
Any appointment of parcel must take place in a public place first before the trip with the sender, during reasonable hours. We remind that it is important that the contents of the package be checked together during the ceremony.
The recipient will have to carry a document identifying with the traveller.

Punctuality and courtesy:
All Kabanautes agree to abide and adhere to the hours and places set for management and delivery of the parcel. The traveller, the sender or the recipient must present themselves at the place and at the time agreed for the appointment. Wait at least fifteen minutes for each appointment. In case is prevention, preventing at least 2 hours in advance to schedule a new appointment.

Rules and legislation
All Kabanautes provide do not carry or transport any substance, material or object which is illegal, dangerous or offensive during a trip.

Notice of kabanautes published on the site:
The publication of the notice must be courteous, respectful and honest. Any defamatory or discriminatory remarks will not be allowed. The regulator of the platform will remove without notice all opinions contrary to the approach described above.